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Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U - Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U

Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U - Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U

Cena 2,499.00 RSD
Cena 2,499.00 RSD
Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U specification:
Total charging time: about 2 hours (about 60 minutes of operation).
Main material: flannel + high rebound memory cotton.
Integrated timer: 10 minutes of automatic operation.
3 types of massage: kneading + vibration, personal vibration or personal kneading
2 kneading speed settings and 2 vibration modes to choose from
With charging indicator (red: edge / blue: charging is complete)
Accessories: USB cable
USB charging: DC5V 1A.


1. Use the power button to turn the button on for 2 seconds, the massager starts and enters the working state.
2, massage mode press M key, switch massage mode, two-way rotation, multiple modes kneading massage
3, hot pressing mode button, hot massage, comfortable temperature
4, stop using the long press the power button for 2 seconds, then turn off
5, the massager built-in lithium battery power supply, if the power is about to run out or has been used, please charge the massager in time.
6. When charging, please use the charging power source that matches this product.
7. When charging, the voltage may be unstable, so it is forbidden to use this product during charging.
8, the charging process takes about 2 hours, please unplug the power after fully charged

Features & details

Two-way clip massage: deep press, deep grip, grip, kneading and other techniques to relieve pain and pain, kneading layer

3~5 seconds slow rebound memory cotton: After repeated soft and hard sleep detection, use 50D density memory cotton to ensure the support of head and neck during sleep, to ensure softness and flexibility during sleep. The sleeping posture changes.

Deep Muscle Relaxant: Adds strength to hard-to-reach muscle groups, relaxing massage, helping to reduce tension and increase flexibility. Get the ultimate comfort by using the kneading mode, which will help to relax the muscles and provide the best treatment for deep tissue massage to rejuvenate your body without pain.

Wide range of applications: The neck can be used in offices, vehicles and homes, making it ideal for neck and shoulder use. It will effectively soothe muscles and relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Three-point support support design: three humanized support points designed to maintain balance between the head and the cervical spine
Masažer za vrat / Masažer u obliku slova U


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